2020 WIP Challenge

2020 duClay Chapter WIP Challenge

duClay is offering the WIP Challenge for the eighth year in 2020!  In 2019, Terry Barb and Suzy won "the pot".  Congratulations ladies!

There are a couple of exciting changes in 2020 to the "rules".  The first is that new members who join after the beginning of the year WIP Challenge signups can participate.  The second change is that in the mid year swap, members will be able to add a project!

Step 1 - Choose up to 10 items that you want to finish between January 1 and our annual December Holiday party. The project can be one you haven't started yet and can be any size.  WIPs should be no more than 75% completed.  

Step 2 – Place a value on each item that you hope to finish. Your commitment pledges can range from $1-$5 for an ornament and $1-$20 for everything else. 

NOTE: To be considered “finished”, ornaments must be completely assembled and ready to hang on a tree. Larger pieces are not required to be framed to be considered finished.

Step 3 – Complete your Challenge form and give it to Kerrie.  Your check payable to duClay in the amount of your commitment pledges can be given toor mailed to the Treasurer.  Challenge form and $ are due no later than the business meeting in February.

The finishing of an etui/box/basket with a set of smalls can count as a separate item on your challenge list.  The finishing must be done by the stitcher in order to be considered as a completed challenge item.

Members are able to "swap" one project on their challenge list for a project not on their list and/or add a project.  A swap is considered an even exchange without any change to pledge funds.  Timing for the swap/add is at the discretion of the WIP Challenge Chair but will be approximately mid-year.

Step 4 - When you finish a project, notify the WIP Challenge Chair.  At the end of the year, they will conduct a final touch base to ensure an accurate record of all finishes.

Step 5 - At the December Holiday party there will be a drawing for half of the total amount collected.  For each project on your list that has been completed, the member will receive tickets for each dollar committed towards the project. Example:  $3 pledged for a finished project will result in 3 tickets being entered into the drawing for that member.  If we collect over $1000 in total, one member will win 50% of the non-chapter funds, one member will win 30% of the non-chapter funds and a third member will win 20% of the non-chapter funds.

Note:  The remaining funds are kept in the Chapter coffers as this is our major fundraiser for the year.

List of Past Winners

2013 Winner - Cathe G
2014 Winner - Kerrie
2015 Winner - Linda M
2016Winner - Carol P
2017 Winner - Susan D
2018 Winners - Melody, Terry and Jackie
2019 Winners - Terry, Barb and Suzy

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