Taste of Crewel with Linda Dean

On February 5th, duClay was pleased to have Linda Dean facilitate a "Taste of" workshop on Crewel.  Linda is an EGA Master Craftsman in Crewel and we were so fortunate to have her teach a workshop for us!  She is also the organizing President of the Canapy Oaks Chapter in Tallahassee.
 Linda started off my answering the question "What is crewel"? It's not a time period or embroidery but a thread. It's traced back to Exodus in the bible. Crewel thread is a loosely twisted double ply thread. Crewel was popular in 17th century England as crewel threads were beginning to be mass produced then.  She also gave an overview of the differences in crewelwork from the 17th(highly stylized) and 18th century(more realistic).  Very interesting lecture!
. IMG_0457 
Linda taught the group the basics of crewel with this eyeglass case project above.  Loads of fun!

Linda also graciously brought some of her crewel projects that she designed and worked on for her Master Craftsman Certification.  Stunning work!
IMG_0445 IMG_0436 IMG_0449 IMG_0446 IMG_0443IMG_0450
This is one of Linda's WIPs that she brought to share with us.  This is based on the first scene of the Bayou Tapestry which is from about 1050.  It's not sure who stitched the original tapestry but it was preserved in the basement of the Bayou Cathedral.  It tells the story of the Normand Invasion when France went to England and took over the throne.  
Thank you Linda for your generosity and wonderful presentation/lecture!

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woolwoman said...

It was such a wonderful afternoon with Linda Dean and I think a record crowd for duClay taste of workshop. We were thrilled to host Linda and two new plural members from Canopy Oaks Chapter along with a guest.