Fred and Fiona!

Our Chapter was delighted to have JaneAnn Sleeman come in and teach a needlepoint class for us on the 11th.  Fred and Fiona is the name of the project - it's a delightful patriotic piece.  

If you've never taken a class from JaneAnn, you're certainly missing out.  She is full of ideas, tips and information about fibers.  It's always a delight to have her teach a class.  
Here is the unadorned canvas.  
There was a wide selection of fibers used - wool, silk and metallics along with some glittery ribbon.
JaneAnn is hands on and often demonstrates techniques.
Laying threads correctly can make a big impact on a project.  Many teachers assume you know the basics.  JaneAnn is really good about asking if anyone needs a demonstration and ensures the beginners have a good foundation.  
Lunch was catered by Brenda from the Flying J.  Even though there was only 6 or 7 of us she always brings a spread of food.   Since it's so hot, lunch was cold and it definitely hit the spot.
Brenda can never bring just one dessert. No one complains about that!
Melody presenting JaneAnn with a small token from the Chapter.
This beautifully and appropriately themed pop up card was made by Henri. Isn't it gorgeous?!
Here is JaneAnn's model of Fred and Fiona.  So cute!  Thank you all for a wonderful day!