duClay has a small library of Needlework resources.  Resources are available to be checked out by duClay members only.  JoyceAnne is maintaining our library so please contact her to arrange pickup.  We ask that you return the material after a month.  If you should need more time, contact JoyceAnne to see if someone else is waiting.

Available Materials:

Notebooks are as follows:
"Cookbook for Stitchers" and books 1, 3, & 4 are collections of stitch diagrams. 
Book #2 is subtitled "Celebrity Chefs" and contains stitch diagrams and hints from 6 well known designer/teachers.

The DVD's are as follows: 
Vol 1: Tips, Hints, & Knots
Vol 2: A closet full of stitches(demonstrating various threads and stitches on painted canvases)
Vol 3: Mop Tops & Buzz Cuts
Vol 4: Just Fur Fun
Vol 5: Fancy Flowers
Vol 8: Spiders and More(w Kelly Clark)

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