Taste of Hardanger Workshop

A really popular and well attended event our guild holds is our Taste of workshops.  We've had quite a few and in February we had a Taste of Hardanger.  Member JoyceAnne taught this workshop.  We try to keep the cost of these workshops low and this one was actually free.  
JoyceAnne put together kits for the members who signed up and designed a small project for the workshop.  Since these are Taste of workshops, we like the projects to be small but enough for someone to learn a new skill and be sure they enjoy it before they invest in a larger project.  

This is JoyceAnne's sample of the class project.   Very cute and would make a great ornament!

She also brought a couple of other simple hardanger projects with different finishes.   It's often so helpful to see a completed projects in terms of gaining some inspiration.
Unfortunately, we didn't get a lot of pictures of the class itself or the members projects.   Thank you JoyceAnne for a great workshop!    
If you're in our area and not a member of our guild, we'd LOVE to have you come visit.  If you're not in our area, we'd really encourage you to seek out your local Chapter.  EGA is a good thing!

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