Member Spotlight - Linda M.

From time to time we'd like to feature one of our members here on our blog so we can learn more about each other.  Today's member is Linda M. who is our new Chapter President.  We hope you enjoy learning more about her!

Introduce yourself to us!  Provide a brief introduction to share on our blog.   Family?  Profession?  Where do you live?  Pets?  Whatever you’d like to share:

Hello.  My name is Linda and I have lived in Florida my entire life except for one year in Chicago, after college.  I attended both the University of Florida and UNF, graduating Magna Cum Laude with an advanced degree in accounting.  I passed the CPA exam on the first sitting and just this last year retired my CPA license.  I have been married for 37 years to Bill and we have one son, Nicholas who is 26.  Unfortunately I do not have a pet at this time, but am partial to small, furry dogs.  I do have 2 Grandpugs, Buddy and Jay-J, who were rescue pugs and now live with my son.  I spoil them whenever I get the chance!  Bill and I live in a high rise condo on the beautiful St. Johns River.  I love where I live and am so fortunate to be able to see dolphins, manatees, pelicans and boats.
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Who taught you to stitch and when did you start stitching? What types of needlework do you do? What is your favorite type of needlework?

My first experience with stitching was an unpleasant one.  I was 10 years old and stitched a stamped tea towel as part of a girl scout project.  I can laugh about it now, because I so hated it and swore I'd never stitch again.  Now my home is filled with stitching.  When I was in high school, I picked up a couple of small crewel kits at an Eckerd's Drug Store, of all places.  I taught myself how to stitch them and had so much fun.  In my early 20's a friend suggested cross stitch.  I bought a little kit and pulled out the fabric, looking at both sides to see where the design outline was, then realized there wasn't one.  Panic ensued.  How could this be?  What kind of evil mind could come up with this idea of a charted design?  Not being one to quit, I just did it.  And it was fun.  I did another and another, starting with Christmas ornaments.  I quickly moved to large victorian houses, Judith Kirby and Nancy Spruance being my favorites.  

As time passed, I missed the specialty stitches of crewel, but much preferred the charts and fabric of counted cross stitch.  Finally I discovered counted thread and samplers, which combined my favorite parts of both types of stitching.  I still will seldom stitch anything that does not have a house as part of the design.  Just this year I have branched out a tiny bit to canvas work and am enjoying that as well.
What other interests or hobbies do you have or what do you do for fun?

For fun I also like to read, am addicted to trashy television shows like the Real Housewives of AnyCity, which are perfect to stitch to.  I must have the tv on while stitching.  I spend a lot of time playing Hidden Object computer games and Match 3 games.  I also belong to a monthly book club and a Bunco club.  I enjoy traveling and have been to Australia twice, Canada, Mexico, all over the Carribean, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Alaska.  At the top of my wish list is Europe, but with my husband retiring this year, it may just have to stay on the wish list.
How long have you been in EGA? Tell us about your EGA experiences, roles held (past or present), etc.

I think I've been a member of EGA for about 10 years.  Up until last year, my primary chapter was Dixie EGA in Columbus, GA.  Obviously I missed out on most of the meetings due to distance, but took some great classes up there with Merry Cox and Sherry Jones.  Then 2 years ago I joined duClay and switched my primary membership.  I still am a plural member of Dixie, as well as a member of the Swan Stitchers in Utah, Magnolia Sampler Guild in Marietta, GA, and Carolina Sampler Guild in Charlotte, NC.  This last year I was Vice President of Membership for duClay EGA and am proud and honored to have been selected to be President of duClay EGA for 2015.

Who are your favorite designers?

I have so many favorite designers - the late Betsy Stinner of Earth Threads, Merry Cox, Sherry Jones of Patricks Wood, The Drawn Thread, The Victoria Sampler just to name a few.  Although I am a great admirer of reproduction samplers, I enjoy stitching modern samplers more and also have stitched many smalls sets.

Favorite WIP/UFO? Why?

I don't have any WIP/UFOs at this point, not counting starts in classes.  The reason is that I can not stitch in a rotation.  I've tried as I've heard it is a way to speed up completions, but it just is not for me.  One project at a time.  I am finishing up The Perseverance Sampler by Chessie and Me.  It, of course, prominently features a house.  
Favorite finish? Why?

My favorite finish is a House and Garden Round Robin Sampler that I stitched with a group of ladies from the old Legacy Embroiderers' Guild on the YUKU board.  There were 8 of us in the group and we each started our own sampler, sent it off and stitched on each others samplers over the course of 1 1/2 years.  When mine came home, there were still a few spots to finish up, so I got to put some of my favorite motifs in the sampler such as rabbits, birds, flowers, and a dog.  There are two alphabets on it and one short phrase "Home is where my Heart is, It is where I long to be".  I will always treasure this sampler as it is such an original piece and so many wonderful stitchers took part in making it.

Do you have a blog? 

I don't have a blog, but I do have a picture site which unfortunately has not been updated for some time, but still shows many of my stitched pieces:  www.picturetrail.com/linda-meyer

What is your first or last concert you attended?

My first concert was an Alice Cooper concert back in the 70's - what an experience that was, LOL.  My latest was The Fray.

What is a fun or unique fact about you that is not stitching related that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

I love playing games, which is why I enjoy the computer games.  But I also like card games, board games, and the occasional gambling junket.  We have a long standing extended family holiday tradition of playing the children's board game "Sorry", but with different rules allowing for strategy and we are very competitive when we play.  And I had a pet mouse in college named Squeegie.  He lived in a converted aquarium complete with a little house, a log, a ladder, and a tire swing.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Being a member of duClay EGA these past two years has brought me a wealth of stitching knowledge and wonderful friends.  There are so many talented ladies in our guild and I have been delighted to learn from them.  I am looking forward to the coming year.  Happy Stitching New Year my friends!

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your house and garden sampler is simply amazing Linda, hope I get to see it one day ! great post