Chapter Stitch In

Yesterday, June 1st, our Chapter met for our first Stitch In!  Hosted by Cathe and held at the Arts and Craft room in her community, the duClay members gathered for a full day of stitching and socializing.  At times, it definitely seemed like more socializing was happening but isn't that an important part of a Stitch In?  Twelve members were in attendance to include 3 of our plural members from Central Florida and we had a very special guest - more on that later!
Cathe and Becky discussing a technique for our Chapter SAL.
Here is our special guest!  Kathy Singleton who is the new treasurer for Sun Region.  What a delight it was to have her.  She fit right in and felt like she'd always had been coming to our meetings.  Thank you Kathy for coming and to Carol, Carol and Linda for inviting her!
Another view of the room which was bright and filled with the delightful art of the residents. Carol P. is working on A Maryland Inspiration and is participating in the SAL led by our friend Ellen Chester.
Carol R. was also working on our Chapter SAL - Toccata One by the Drawn Thread.
Kris was working on the Susan Rambo sampler.  This is on her WIP Challenge list.
Many of the members brought projects on their WIP Challenge List to share their progress.
Some also brought some finishes with them.



JoyceAnne is stitching Toccata One on canvas and is stitching from stash.  This pattern works so well for both canvas or linen.  Perfect choice for our SAL.
Becky won the raffle!
She won one of the box we gave as favors for the Sun Region Meeting that was held here in Jacksonville earlier this year.  We hand painted these boxes and stenciled them.  These boxes could be used for orts or to hold accessories.
Inside was a scissor fob that we also made.  Each fob had a sun in honor of our Region - Sun Region.
Thank you to all who attended, I think everyone would agree that the day was a success!  Thank you Cathe for providing the beautiful location and food.  Kathy, we'd love to have you attend again!


woolwoman said...

Thank you for such a great post Jackie and for recording our first Summer Stitch in with the photos of the day. You had some great shots and what beautiful work from everyone. thanks mel

krayolakris said...

Thanks for the post Jackie! It was truly a wonderful, fun-filled day. Always a special treat to see our plural members. What a fun chapter we have!

Ellen said...

So nice to see my Florida friends and all their accomplishments.

Henrietta Allegrante said...

Great post, Thanks Jackie!